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So, you have a sprinkler system that seems to be working great on your KY yard. You want to continue saving money on your water bills, and you know that anything mechanical needs regular check-ups.

Or you’ve been thinking about adding an irrigation system to save money and to conserve water at the same time.

There are key tips you need to know to get the most out of your sprinkler system. Read this post to learn more.


If you have an older sprinkler system, it may be time to have it recalibrated, to make it more efficient. For example, you can add weather or moisture sensors that detect when your lawn’s soil has enough water.

The system automatically turns on when soil moisture is low and will shut off when that moisture level is met.

You can also add a timer, setting it to turn on and off your system. Plus, you can get your controller on your smartphone so you can remotely start and stop your system.

A New Sprinkler System

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your sprinkler system, or maybe you realize it’s time to invest in an irrigation system to properly keep your lawn healthy and green.

You’ll reap the rewards with a new sprinkler system when you see lowered water bills.

Here are the steps to installing your irrigation system:

  • Your landscaper will measure your lawn, calculate how far water heads will reach, take note of water pressure, and mark your property with flags where each sprinkler head will go.
  • Your landscaper will tap into the main water-service line on your property to hook up your sprinkler system. At the same time, your installer will put in an anti-siphon valve to protect your water supply from brackish water, lawn fertilizers and other yard chemicals.
  • Your landscaping company will trench your lawn to put in the water lines and piping.
  • When your landscaping contractor installs your system’s water lines and pipes, he’ll install the controller and will test to make sure all valves and sprinkler heads are working properly.

Maintenance and End of Season Chores

To keep your lawn sprinkler system working at full capacity, you need to have your system checked on a monthly basis.

These monthly checks include

  • Evaluating sprinkler heads to make sure they’re above ground, facing the right direction and are working correctly
  • Making sure that valves aren’t broken, leaking or malfunctioning
  • Seeing how long it takes for your sprinkler system to deliver 1” of water to all parts of your lawn
  • Making sure the backflow preventer is working properly
  • Evaluating spray patterns to make sure that water is landing on your lawn and not on the sidewalk or your driveway
  • Evaluating your controller to make sure that it’s working in conjunction with your irrigation system for turn on/turn off times.

Closing and Opening Your Irrigation System

In late fall, your landscaping company will blow out extra water from your sprinkler system and turn it off for the winter.

Then in the spring, your landscaper will return to turn on your sprinkler system and make sure everything is in working order for the next season.

Is it time for your lawn sprinkler system to be checked by a professional? Or maybe you’re in the market for a new one?

At Imperial Lawns, we’re your irrigation specialists. We install and maintain sprinkler systems as well as recalibrate older models. And we provide all of the other services you need to keep your system working at peak performance.

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